Multi-Residential & Mixed Use Projects

For multi-residential and mixed-use buildings, the image projected by design and construction is just as important as the practical structure. Architectural details, quality of materials, craftsmanship—every element makes a statement, creates a feeling.

Choosing the right construction management company for your multi-residential or mixed-use development project can make the difference between an OK building and a great one.

At March Associates, we know how to plan, design, and construct multi-residential and mixed-use buildings. We’ve developed dozens of them in the New York-New Jersey-Pennsylvania region.

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Multi-Residential Development & Construction

Demand for multi-family housing has been surging, especially for rental apartments to house a rising tide of millennials and empty-nesters.

In developing a multi-residential site in the Greater New York City area, one of the main considerations is nearby access to public transportation. Architecting a building that blends in with the neighborhood is also often very important (or required by zoning).

Inside multi-residential buildings, renters are demanding more amenities, reflecting a new kind of lifestyle as well as new technology. Now, the wish list of “affordable luxury” includes free Wi-Fi and in-wall USB ports; bike storage and proximity to car-sharing; dry cleaning and laundry services; child care and pet spaces; a spa or massage room; a wellness center (beyond the traditional fitness center) for community activities like yoga and aerobics; even a wine cellar.

Sustainability is also becoming an important consideration for multi-residential tenants, with many looking to enter into “green” leases.

March Associates constructs LEED-certified buildings to save energy, use space efficiently, and reduce waste in multi-residential buildings. We know that sustainable design and construction are a win-win-win: for the tenants, the landlords, and the environment.

Mixed-Use Development & Construction

Mixed-use real estate developments are increasingly popular, particularly in cities and suburbs where they are seen as keys to renewal and revitalization.

A mixed-use building should be both attractive and practical—it should drive maximum revenue per square foot, but also be cost-effective to build and maintain.

At March Associates, we listen closely to our clients and provide flexible, creative, workable solutions. With our customer-first attitude, we’ve built lasting, trusting relationships with our clients—as well as great mixed-use buildings.

Our most recent mixed-use construction project is a sleek development at 300 Lafayette Street in New York City. This seven-story building, with 50,000 square feet of office space and 30,000 square feet of premium retail space, will be the first new Class A structure built in Manhattan’s SoHo district in over 100 years.