Industrial Warehouse: Prologis Port Reading, NJ - Building 3, 1115

Architect: Ware Malcomb

Building #3 was the 4th building that was constructed from the ground up in the Port Reading complex. Buildings #1, 2, & 2A were previously completed. It was constructed with a tenant (Dole) while the others were just core and shell.

The building is a stud structure with precast panels painted to match the Prologis campus. It has 36’ clean height and is 580,000 SF. Inside houses a 112,000 SF cooler for Dole and a 4,000 SF of ce with bathrooms and 2 satellite of ces with bathrooms. The building is subdivided with an available 173,000 SF for a future tenant. The building is landscaped completely around the facility. Project was completed as a general contracting job in a lump-sum payment.

Port Reading Prologis 1115_1.jpg